When times were rough it was music that helped her through it.

Meet Nivedita - who also goes by the stage name Nivé;

She became the part of the rebel alliance the day she decided to follow her love for music.

Once got involved in a brawl with the police for capturing the suffering of the students.

Here is Aditiya,

While us mere mortal human beings have 78 Organs;

Our rebel here has 79 One being his camera which he considers to be a part of his body.

It has literally given him a new perspective over Life.

Being rebellious is not his choice but his Nature.

Meet Our Rebel Karan, Who is a tattoo artist by day and Batman by Night. asked to conform to societal norms of what life should be, But his heart wanted him to be something else something that was more true to himself.

Through Constant practise he mastered his art, when he made his first sketch to When he made his first tattoo and now to having his own private Studio and creating his own original designs as well.

Antish, is the embodiment of being fearless.

He finds it Easy,

He finds it Cool.

Started skateboarding out of simple curiosity, Then went on to winning many Awards and recognition in this sport and then turned it into a profession.

His passion is reflected in the way he glides.

When the tree of life gave life to this Artist called Rajat, let's just say the world was not the same place after it. There was one very creative little devil running around and wreaking havoc in it.

His inspiration comes from anything he sees, what other people consider garbage to him it can be used to create something valuable.

But in the end his biggest inspiration is he himself as he says

"Would any of it really happen if I wasn't there to make it happen"

What started as a gift from his dad, he later turned it into his full time passion.

This Ones soul is filled with adventure, And to break boundaries he pushes himself.

Shivam is here to risk it ALL.

Even when he falls He gets back up Again.