Our story

Welcome to Arc where design is all about representing a Idealistic and philosophical way of leading life and embracing non-conformity. Our Designs are a powerful expression of individuality and a bold statement against societal norms. Each t-shirt embodies the spirit of rebellion and encourages others to embrace their own unique path. With every wear, these t-shirts become a symbol of defiance and a reminder to live life on one's own terms. The innovative designs not only make a fashion statement, but also serve as a powerful tool for self-expression and empowerment.

Started on the sidewalk of a park, this idea was kept chipping away like a shiny marble in space until it evolved into a galaxy of dreams that became a reality. All we needed to do was DO IT.

All problems that seemed impossible to tackle became the very steeping stone of the Stairway that led to heaven.

Our Inspiration for our Designs comes from Anthropology, Philosophy in general but Focuses on Stoicism as we apply that knowledge for personal growth and to become better human beings, Art, Cinema, Music, Our Heroes and most of all,OUR REBELS that we dedicate this page who not only inspire others but us as well.

Our aim and as to why we do it is that we want to inspire you all and to tell you that `no dream is unachievable. To CreateIdeas That You Can Wear.

Reality Is Made Up Of Dreams....

Each design represents Us and what we dream about and believe in. An idea that is drawn on to a fabric, A Fabric that touches your Heart.

Its through our designs we want to inspire you.

To Touch Someones Heart Is To Touch Infinity.

Rock ONN!!!

Summer Fall Collection' 24